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Special Issue on Intelligent Machines for Industrial and Medical Application (IMIMA)


Dr. Ing. Hdr. Souhir Tounsi
Associate Professor at National School of Electronics and
Telecommunications of Sfax (ENET'COM)
Head of the research team ‘Design, Optimization and Control of
Electrical Systems’ (COCSE)
E-mail: souhir.tounsi@enetcom.rnu.tn

The applied computer does not cease to grow in response to the undeniable technological evolution in the combined soft-hard field, and emerges fully in the industrial, medical, telecommunications, robotic applications. In other words, the applied computer science is the mother of intelligent machines. Otherwise, intelligent machines cover all applications encountered by humans. These machines are flexible to use and facilitates the realization of complex tasks. We can cite as examples the medical equipment requiring little intervention of human such as those used for the achievements of complicated chirurgical operations and the wide application of robots. Moreover, the undeniable technological developments in the field of intelligent medical and industrial machines, promotes and optimizes the intervention of human to achieve a good level of comfort of use of these machines and a possibility without uncertainty of perform most complex tasks.

The IMIMA special issue covers the following topics:
Intelligent Manufacturing Process.
Industrial security.
Automated industrial production.
Industrial Informatics.
Intelligent monitoring of industrial machines.
Online location, identification and repair of machines faults.
Robotic and artificial intelligence.
Reliability and dependability of intelligent machines.

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2016

Submission Rules:
Manuscripts should be prepared according to the formatting instructions. Manuscripts submitted to the Special Issue on Intelligent Machines for Industrial and Medical Application (IMIMA) are to be submitted following the standard submission process. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed using the standard procedure that is followed for regular submissions.



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