Plenary Lecture

Complex Networks Morphodynamics – Concepts, Algorithms and Implementation

Professor Cyrille Bertelle
Normandie University - Le Havre

Abstract: One of the main characteristics of complexity is the emergence of properties due to dynamical processes. Our objective is to contribute to the formalization of these emergent properties studying dynamical structures. The structures of complexity proposed here, are interaction systems as the core of self-organization mechanisms. Dynamical networks are efficient tools to express some local or global properties of evolving topology. They capture structural aspects of complex systems representing entities as nodes and interactions between them as links. The presentation presents adaptive algorithms for complex networks dynamics, leading to identify emergent organizations in these networks. One of this algorithms, named AntCo2, is bio-inspired by social insect system behavior and lead to detect emergent structures inside complex networks. Some applications are presented relating to urban morphodynamics analysis of the communication networks of the city. Practical study case are developed to analyze network vulnerability in case of urban technological risk, using Multi-scale measures on dynamical complex systems. The simulations and results detailed in this presentation, are powered by the GraphStream Library which is a java package for dynamic complex networks (

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Professor Cyrille Bertelle: Cyrille Bertelle is full professor in Computer Sciences in Normandie University, Le Havre, France since 2005. His activities concern complex systems modelling: their conceptual formalization, their distributed implementation and their applications in various domains: ecosystems, game theory, logistics, urban dynamics and territorial intelligence. He focuses his studies on emerging computing using collective intelligence methods and complex networks. He is co-founder of a regional institute on complex systems in Normandie (ISCN) and co-representative of Complex Systems Digital Campus (CS-DC) UNESCO UniTwin. He is currently Vice-President for Research and Development in Le Havre University.

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