Plenary Lecture

Application of the Knowledge Management on Machining System

Professor Luiza Daschievici
Faculty of Engineering-Braila
“Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati

Abstract: Knowledge management (KM) has become an effective way of managing organization’s intellectual capital or, in other words, organization’s full experience, skills and knowledge that is relevant for more effective performance in future. The system presented in this paper consists of KM model (PC), mechatronic system (CNC machining center), user unit (PC, SMS) and data, information converter unit. KM model consists of knowledge bank compare, internet and network connection, commentary and management units. Operations of CNC Machining Center which is the main production unit of the system can be controlled both by the machine tool control panel and by e-mail, network from distant places. Also, the machine tool equipped with a lot of sensors so that the machine tool performance can be monitored and unexpected conditions can be controlled. Motivated by the literature discussed above, this paper presents a knowledge management structure of the machining system to provide competitiveness of the enterprise. In today's society can get access a immense volume of information from almost anywhere. But only information is not sufficiently. The feature of knowledge society is not that it has large amounts of information, but inside always it has to know more. To this information to become useful, it must be transformed into knowledge and then used efficiently in company management. What we propose in this paper is to provide manager, based knowledge he has, (economic and technical knowledge) a model of KM to his enterprise to be competitive. When there is a model that interconnects data and information, the model has the potential to be a knowledge. A such model, which is knowledge, provides when the model is well understood, a high level of certainty or prediction regarding how less static models will evolve over time. We intend to offer an enterprise manager a such model. KM provides the necessary information for solving the problems of adaptation, progress and competence of enterprise to cope with changes occurring in the environment.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Luiza Daschievici graduated a 5 years Mechanical Engineering degree program at the “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, in 1994; PhD in Mechanical Engineering - at “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati (2000). Since 1994 she followed the academic carrier at Dunarea de Jos University of Galati as assistant and associate professor. Her research fields are the following: technology of the manufacturing process; cutting process modeling; tribology of parts machines; techniques of complex modelling of the manufacturing systems; the reliableness of the mechanics systems. Now, dr. Daschievici Luiza is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering Braila, “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati. Dr. Daschievici Luiza participated in over 5 research projects supported by Romanian Ministry of Education and Science. She published as author or co-author over 100 articles in journals and internationals conferences proceedings (Hungary, Italy, Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal, Poland, South Africa, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Japan, Great Britain, USA). Daschievici Luiza wrote 5 books in her research field. She is member of professional and scientific associations: IAENG - International Associations of Engineers; IFAC – International Federation of Automatic Control, SAAM - South African for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, ARoTMM - Romanian Association for Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, ACM-V - Multidisciplinary Research Association of the West Zone. Dr. Daschievici Luiza is expert of Romanian National University Research Council – CNCSIS.

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