Special Session

Intelligent Transport Systems - ITS Applied to Bus Rapid Transit - BRT

Prof. Cledson Akio Sakurai
Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP)
E-mail: akiocs@gmail.com
Prof. Caio Fernando Fontana
Federal University of Sao Paulo
E-mail: caioffontana@gmail.com
Prof. Antonio Gil da Silva Andrade
University of Sao Paulo (USP)
E-mail: gil.andrade@uol.com.br

Aim: Present how to apply Intelligent Transport Systems Technology in Bus Rapid Transit - BRT Projects. The Session aims to present how new technology and components can be bring back together to make the systems of transport more efficient and how to reduce the costs of operations and implementation.

1) Tutorial in BRT
2) Tutorial in ITS
3) BRT and ITS applied to medium-sized cities
4) Tracking Technology for RFID applied to ITS
5) OCR technology applied to ITS
6) so the Information System User Management
7) BRT Route Planning and ITS
8) BRT Impact with other modes and how ITS is used
9) BRT Operational Management using ITS
10) Geometric BRT Project and the application of ITS

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