International Workshop on Emotion, Decision, and Creativity (IWEDC 2015)

Professor Kun Chang Lee
SKKU Business School
Sungkyunkwan University

Aim: This workshop is dedicated to investigating unexplored relationships existing between emotion, decision, and creativity. We are especially interested in business contexts where employees and managers work together to achieve what they are expected to do. Such business contexts always drive members engaged to pursue their goals by taking advantage of emotion, decision, and creativity. Sometimes, individual emotion develops into group emotion, leading to emotion contagion and emotion spill-over. It is well known that human decisions are always subject to be influenced by individual emotion, and group emotions as well. Furthermore, creativity does matter especially when managerial resources are exhausted without yielding value-addedness sufficiently. This workshop is designed to provide multi-modal approaches to answering tough questions regarding why we need to integrate emotion, decision, and creativity in one organized and systematic framework. For the sake of pursuing this purpose, we suggest self-report methods, network structures, and physiological methods like eye-tracking technique. Workshop participants could find out clues to answering the relationships underlying emotion, decision, and creativity in organizations.

- employee creativity
- rational copy and emotional copy
- leader's emotional display
- follower's creativity
- cognitive load
- need-for-cognition
- eye-tracking
- team creativity
- emotion regulation
- emotional contagion
- positive/negative group affective tone
- goal-oriented shopping motivation
- recreational shopping motivation

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