Plenary Lecture

Energy Efficiency Approach: From Wireless Networks to Potential Applications

Professor Zoran Bojkovic
Full Professor of Electrical Engineering
University of Belgrade

Abstract: In order to provide sufficient and low-cost energy to sustain economic growth and living standards, innovation and development of alternative energy sources are required. Over the past decade, the demand for high-rate multimedia wireless communication services has increased dramatically with the popularity of mobile devices.The need for media rich input/output computation and communication forces mobile users ta charge their devices more often. On the other side , service providers have been adding more and more base stations (BSs) to meet a higher service demand. A large portion of the service providers' operational costs is due to energy consumption of the wireless systems for both mobile users and service providers. This Plenary Lecture deals with energy efficiency approach from wireless networks to potential applications toward 5G systems. Recently, 5G cellular networks are becoming the most active research area in wireless communications.The 5G mobile network is required to have tremendous spectral efficiency (SE) and energy efficiency (EE) improvement simultaneously. As a result, SE, EE, and cost efficiency have been used as three obligatory 5G evaluation metrics. In general, joint energy and communication cooperation is more complex than energy or communication cooperation only. Joint energy and communication cooperation can maximally save cost by applying both energy cooperation on the supply side and communication operation on the demand side. For the realization, the BSs should share the energy information by using the two-way information flow supported by the smart grid. The communication information is exchanged through the back haul connections. As for 5G networks, the primary goal is to satisfy a variety of users needs in a more energy efficient manner. The question often arises will be where the energy can be further saved and what available information in the network can be exploited. Starting with energy saving approach, cellular networks with energy and communication cooperation are pointed out. Next, recent advances in energy efficient networks and their application in a new generation of mobile communication- the fifth generation (5G) are presented and discussed. Finally, the corresponding challenges are emphasized.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Prof.Dr Zoran Bojkovic from the University of Belgrade, Serbia is the permanent Visiting Professor of the University of Texas at Arlington, UTA, TX, USA, EE Department, Multimedia System Lab. As Assistant Professor, he was a visiting researcher at Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA, Information System Lab., hosted by Prof. Robert M. Gray. Until now, he was a visiting professor at more than 20 Universities worldwide and taught a number of courses in the field of electrical technology, digital signal processing, communication and computer networks, wire/wireless multimedia communications. Prof. Zoran Bojkovic is the co- author of 7 International Books and 20 Chapters of the International Books, published by Prentice-Hall, Wiley, CRC Press ,Taylor and Francis Group, Springer, Elsevier, etc. Some of the Books have been adopted in different countries and have been translated in China, India, Canada, Singapore. Also, he is co-editor in 75 International Books and Conference Proceedings. He served and is still serving as Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor, Guest Editor ,Editorial Board Member and Reviewer in International Journals. He was and still is General Chair, Co-chair TPC Member at well - known conferences worldwide . He has published more than 450 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Prof. Zoran Bojkovic has conducted many Keynote/Plenary/Invited Lectures, Workshops/Tutorials, Seminars. As a result of numerous international collaboration, he participated in many international scientific and industrial projects. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, Member of EURASIP, IASTED, SERC Korea, expert in AMSET, expert in European Project services , full member of Engineering Academy of Serbia, member of Serbian Scientific Society.

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