Plenary Lecture

Hierarchical Fuzzy Petri Nets Approach of Simultaneous Task Assignment for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Professor Gabriela Tont
Department of Control Systems Engineering and Management
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
University of Oradea

Abstract: Task assignment processes and its control implying reasoning about objects and resources and their changing states are dominated by discrete or stochastic-event dynamics or both. Estimating the components position of the mobile robot provided by sensor generates unknown, hidden variables which will be model by the means of probabilistic inference taking into account incomplete and uncertain information. The modeling technique proposed in this paper, managing the uncertainty, vagueness and imprecision, bridges the aspects of Petri net theory, as a tool for the representation dynamic discrete event systems, with efficiency of fuzzy rule based reasoning by means of Hierarchical Fuzzy Petri Nets. A case study regarding a reasoning mechanism and an explanation of the reasoning process through task assignment in mobile robot system is explored using Bayesian belief network.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Graduated “Politehnica” Institute of Bucharest and defined her professional training by earning Ph. D degree in Electrical Engineering at Technical University Cluj Napoca.
Caring out research and teaching projects in reliability engineering and management is, at present, professor of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, University of Oradea.
Recent research conducted includes reliability analysis and data modeling in dynamical, non-linear systems, simulation modeling for risk assessment in context-aware computing and intelligent e-learning technologies.
Certified external quality auditor, has an extensive experience in strategic total quality management applied in manufacturing processes and quality system improvements with six sigma initiatives, optimizing TQM (zero defects, six sigma), quality planning (QFD).
Participated in several international and national projects as director, scientific manager or member.
In the fields above she has authored and/or co-authored 10 books and 9 chapters in books, 31 papers in editor conference proceedings; 68 journal papers, 110 conference papers.
Member in Editorial Boards of 8 journals, delivered 18 plenary/keynote lectures.
Reviewer for WSEAS conferences and WSEAS Transactions journals.
Actively participated at international and national conferences, in 16 was a member of scientific and/or organizing committees of conferences.

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