Plenary Lecture

The Spark Plug Gap Influence on Gasoline Engine Used LPG and CNG as Fuel

Professor Charalampos Arapatsakos
Department of Production and Management Engineering
Democritus University of Thrace
Xanthi, GREECE

Abstract: The present work examines the spark plug gap variation in order to determine the influence of spark plug gap, in gasoline engine performance and gas emissions, using as fuel: Gasoline, LPG and CNG. For this aim was used four-stroke gasoline engine, exhaust gas analyzers and special software for the gas emissions record, when the engine functioned under load condition.
For every fuel (gasoline, LPG and CNG) were used different spark plug gaps. Τhe results give answer, in which spark plug gaps the engine has better operation for every fuel used.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Dr Charalampos Arapatsakos is a Greek citizen, who has been born in Athens. He has studied Mechanical Engineering and PhD. He is Professor on Democritus University of Thrace in Greece. Prof C. Arapatsakos has participated in many research programs about renewable sources of energy, gas emissions and antipollution technology. His research domains are mainly on biofuels and their use in internal combustion engines, the power variation from the use of biofuels, the gas emissions, mechanical damages, internal combustion engines, antipollution technology, renewable sources of energy, gas emissions, vehicle design, elements of machines, resistance of materials, technical mechanics, heat transmission.

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