The Growing of the WSEAS has caused envy of other conferences organizers.
Particularly, those that their "academic" (=economic) interests are touched on!

So, another colleague which has another "society" sent several emails to all the committee members of the WSEAS Conferences in the University of Cambridge encouraging them to resign from the Scientific Committee!
He did not hesitate to send these email with his bogus information to Professor Zadeh!!
See the names and the emails of the Committee here:

This "colleague" that is also conference organizer, sent emails blaming the WSEAS and add also slanderous comments about the WSEAS in some blogs (always anonymous)
misleading sometimes the owners of the blogs!
However, nothing remains hidden, we received his emails (toghether with the committee: ) and examining the headings (i.e. the source code) of his emails, we identified him. This is the really "bogus" professor who creates bogus emails and bogus conferences (if we would like to use his own terminology).
This is the really "bogus" professor that spoke very badly for WSEAS and Professor Zadeh.

Nothing more than a disgusting, revolting, moron "competition" of another conference organizer.

This was the reply of Professor Lotfi Zadeh:

Dear Professor Mastorakis

We received his emails also, do not worry!

You deserve compliments and congratulations
on your making WSEAS an important international
forum for exchange of information and ideas.
With cordial regards. Sincerely,

Lotfi Zadeh
-- Lotfi A. Zadeh
Professor in the Graduate School Director,
Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC)
Address: 729 Soda Hall #1776
Computer Science Division Department
of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
University of California Berkeley, CA 94720-1776
Tel.(office): (510) 642-4959
Fax (office): (510) 642-1712
Tel.(home): (510) 526-2569
Fax (home): (510) 526-2433
BISC Homepage URLs

This was the reply of Professor Zadeh for this "colleague" that sent these stupid email to us, posted some comments in some blogs etc...

Dear WSEAS friends and dear visitors of this web page, if you want to learn his name, send me an email:

Dear Poor collegue,

with your bogus emails and bogus postings,
you do not gain anything by these foolish and childy actions.

If you want to have decent conferences like those of WSEAS you must

a) has proceedings and book in ISI / SCI (Web of Science).
Download them now from the site of ISI .
As you can see from the site of ISI the criteria for including Books and Proceedings in ISI are very strict and most of the conferences of older societies are not in the ISI Index while all the WSEAS books and proceedings are inside ISI / SCI (Web of Science).
Check it on the site of ISI please, now.
Letter of March 10, 2009 or old letters in

I do not know and I am not sure about your conferences.
Maybe, in the future you will savor the joy of success.
But now, not. Be careful! We do not want to tell you your name on the web right now, but if you insist we will do it.

b) You must organize Conferences like the WSEAS.
The WSEAS are always sponsored and organized by Universities .
The Universities are also re-sponsible for the REVIEW of the Papers as well as for the final technical program. Most of the following unive-rsities have sponsored and organized more than one WSEAS conference , like Harvard, MIT and University of Cambridge.
Click here for more Universities that host and sponsor WSEAS events and are responsible for the review:

c) You must increase the rejection rates of your conferences like the WSEAS!

d) You must have famous speakers, exactly like the WSEAS,

and many-many other things (discover them ...)

if you want to learn his name, send me an email:

See also the reply of Professor Rao Kamisetty
From: "Rao, Kamisetty R" <>
To: "Prof. Nikos E. Mastorakis" <>

Dear Prof. Mastorakis

I fully support you and you have my full confidence!
I will look forwrad to hearing from You.
Best wishes.

K.R. Rao, IEEE Fellow
E.E. Dept., Room 530,
Nedderman Hall, 416 Yates Street,
UTA, Box 19016
TEXAS 76019
Ph:817-272-3478 Fax: 817-272-2253

and another email says:

Do not worry Nikos
For me the best 3 societies are IEEE, IEE, WSEAS
Nothing else!
Best Regards
Prof Dr Miroslav D. Lutovac
Address School of Electrical Engineering,
University of Belgrade,
Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73,
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone +381 64 1536 934

These are sample of some emails from people that have really
attended the WSEAS conferences

for 2009

for 2008:

for 2007

and for 2006:

and for 2005:
and for 2004:
and for 2003:
and for 2002:




Bogus Email? Internet Cancer?



National Car Rental Complaint
Send it to the WSEAS Mailing Lists
Bogus damage on rental car - Bogus damage
Posted By: doc dirt on 11/9/2007

Location: London, UK   

I am a US resident living in the UK for a year. I rented a vehicle from National Car Rental at King's Cross in London October 8 for a period of 9 days for a trip to Scotland.

After picking up the vehicle my wife and I drove directly to Scotland and arrived at our hotel as it was getting dark. I then noticed that one of the headlights didn't work.

It is illegal to drive a vehicle with non-functioning headlights in the UK, so I phoned National Car rental customer service. They were closed at 6:30 pm on a Saturday, and weren't to reopen their help line until Monday morning.

By Monday morning we were at our rental cottage in the wilds of Scotland where we couldn't get cell service. so, I didn't phone back, and didn't do any night driving (wasn't really a problem).

I returned the car to London October 15 and upon check-in told them about the headlight. I got a slip from them stating no new damage to the vehicle and they said no worries about the light and half-heartedly apologized for the problem.

The next week I get a letter saying they have charged my credit card for £117 for a 'missing headlight'. I called customer service for an explanation, faxed them the no damage statement I got, and they said they will investigate and get back to me in 7 days. I told my credit card company I am going to dispute the charge if it doesn't get resolved. 10 days go by with no response so I call again...they will investigate and call me back the next day I am assured. 14 days the same response. On the 15th day I call again and they tell me they have had no response from the manager of the branch, and finally agree to refund my card.

Overall a complete runaround and poor customer service from National Car Rental in the UK.