Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Circuits and Systems
Network Theory and Applications
Wireless Communication
Radar Systems, Applied Electromagnetism
Mobile Communications
Laser and Optical Systems. Sensor Technology
Telecommunication Systems
Electrical and Electronic Measurement
Signal Processing
Automatic Control and Robotics
Fuzzy Systems, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms
Information Systems
Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics
Computer Networks
Queuing Theory and Communications, Traffic Problems, Internet.
Software Engineering
Complexity Theory
Data Structures
Data Bases, Compilers, Knowledge and Data Technology
Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
File Structures for on-line Systems, Operating Systems
Parallel and Distributed Systems
Computational Linguistics
Speech Generation, Speech Linguistics, Speech Recognition
Natural Language Processing
Computing Theory, Object-Oriented Programming
Parallel Programming
Computer Vision
Computer Algebra
Artificial Intelligence
Adaptive and Learning Systems
Intelligent Databases
Intelligent Control
Intelligent Agents
Probabilistic Reasoning
Reliability and fault-tolerance
Performance analysis, evaluation, prediction
Machine Learning
Knowledge Representation
Knowledge Acquisition
Computer Graphics and Computational Geometry
Real Time Systems
Virtual Reality
Multi-resolution and multi-spectral image processing
Image sequence processing
Information fusion
Numerical Analysis
Microprocessors, Computer Architecture
Software tools and environments
Geometric modeling and Fractals
CAD/CAM systems

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